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Fitting a new bathroom is one of the most popular DIY projects undertaken by our customers and we are always happy to help with the process. We have an extensive range of bathroom fixtures and fittings available – either in stock, or ordered for the next working day. We also provide the various tools, sealants, plumbing, and pipework you will need to fit your new bathroom with the skill and precision it deserves.

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Bathroom Supplies

As one of the Wirral’s leading bathroom specialists, we have much to offer our customers across the peninsula and beyond. Here are some of our most popular services…

Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings

on the Wirral

Whatever design you have put together for your new bathroom, you can rely on Howells DIY to supply you with the necessary fixtures, fittings, and materials. Whether you favour a full-size, traditional bath, a corner unit, a shower tray or a cubicle, we can order the perfect fittings from our trusted suppliers and deliver them to your door. We also supply toilets, sinks, pedestals, and bidets, as well as bathroom storage solutions, such as shelving, medicine cabinets, and more.

Plumbing and Pipework

on the Wirral

Of course, a bathroom is only as effective as its plumbing. No matter how appealing it might be to the eye, if you haven’t hooked everything up to your water supply and drainage system, you could be in for a disaster. Fortunately for our Wallasey, Wirral, and Liverpool customers, Howells DIY has everything you need to connect your various fixtures and fittings to your utility pipes. Our in-house team will be able to tell you which pipes, valves, washers, and joints you need for the job.

Radiators and Heating

on the Wirral

As well as standard bathroom fittings, we also supply radiators for your bathroom (and other rooms in your home, for that matter). We can order in both horizontal and vertical radiators, as well as heated towel rails, radiator pipework, valves, connectors, and other essential components for installing or replacing your bathroom radiators.

Adhesives and Sealants

on the Wirral

Once your bathroom fittings are installed, you need to ensure everything is properly sealed if you are to avoid leaks and water damage. We have an extensive selection of silicone sealants, suitable for most bathroom uses. We also stock grout, plumber’s mait, PTFE tape, and solvent cement, as well as the necessary tools to apply them neatly.

Bathroom Fitting Service

on the Wirral

Fitting a bathroom is a challenge, one that is enjoyed by many of our domestic and trade customers across the Wirral and Liverpool. Here at Howells DIY, we understand that not everybody has the skills, tools, or experience to install a bathroom to the high standard it requires and we have you covered. We offer a complete bathroom installation service for any customers that need to take advantage of it. We have our own team of experienced fitters who guarantee first-rate workmanship on all installations. For further details, visit our Home Services page elsewhere on this site.

Your Local Bathroom Specialists

on the Wirral

We have been selling quality bathroom fixtures and fittings from our Rake Lane store in Wallasey for more than forty years. In that time, we have earned ourselves a reputation for excellence that few other DIY specialists on the peninsula can hope to beat. We serve both domestic customers and trade clients across Liverpool and the Wirral, offering a free delivery service on all purchases.

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